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Production Services
We provide professional lighting design and innovative programming as the keystone of our production services. We specialize in spectacular light shows, automated lighting, theatrical lighting and solid state LED color changers. Our production services include: Rentals, Touring and Permanant Installations for any Venue or location, from concert halls to hotel ballroom. We can custom design lighting packages for any type of event theme. 
Top of the line products include Clay Paky movers, Color Kinetics RGB LED, Leprecon Dimming & Control.
Specialties include: 
concerts | award shows | fashion shows | corporate meetings & parties | laser displays | Worship | Holiday events | logo & gobo projections | product introductions |  branding & guerilla  marketing | 
Aesthetic treatments & scenic arts lighting   | 

Nth Degree Creative can accommodate any of your audio needs, as we bring specialists steeped in the lore of recording, studio digital support, Live PA at FOH and monitor mix. Whether its a small intimate party or an arena sized concert event, we have the right people and expertise to make it real.

We offer  PA systems including:

Nth Degree Creative is a multi faceted audio-visual, production arts and event company based on the west coast of the US. We take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We take pride in listening to our clients event goals and translating their ideas into a fully functioning production. We also create the show design and concept art when called upon. Services include:
STS9 Sound Tribe Sector 9 performance at the Crystal Ballroom, Portland OR, with lasers by Nth Degree Creative,  lighting by Michael Lee
Our Video production work has been seen by millions!  We are ready to discuss your production needs and goals. After learning the venue specifics and your design requirements we can then meet and present you with custom designed content and display needs  for your event, ranging from video wall and LED matrix screen effects, to projection, 3D video mapping and mixed media overlay featuring video, laser and more.

A sampling of our more notable projects include :
​National Day Parade Singapore '98 with monolithic Video projection on water mist screen
Video & Laser tribute to Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock '99 (mainstage finale) - see pictures
​The Millenium Production of "Century of Stars"  at Silver Legacy Resort - Reno, NV. - see pictures

Laser and lighting for No Quarter, The Led Zeppelin Experience
TAPFS The Australian Pink Floyd Show, with lasers by Nth Degree Creative, 2006
We offer multi-color high power laser systems, Cryogenic chilled fog (LN2), Confetti Canons, Atmospheric Foggers, Hazers, Automated Lighting, RGB LED chromatic effects, Strobes, UV Cannons, Gobo & Logo Projections, optical effects and more. We are always able to bring the right effect solution to your production.

We have successfully engineered world class opto-mechanical systems for: 

Bling-Ray projector at Hard Rock Park - see below
“Electric Smoke” projection effects for Universal Studios Japan - see below
First Down laser marking system for demonstration to the NFL and UFL football leagues
Cryogenic chilled fog (LN2) effects for hockey teams, sound stages, clubs  and corporate parties
Projected 3D visuals using our proprietary visualization techniques and sheer dark theatrical scrims

Laser & Special Effects
Laser Show for student activities, WWU Bellingham WA
EDM Night Club event 2009
Nth Degree Creative is on  a mission to bring your vision to life  

Let us know how we can serve your project. Contact us to begin the Creative journey. 
Universal Studios Japan - "Electric Smoke" effect
Hard Rock Park - Myrtle Beach, SC - Laser & Pyro Show 2008