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ReLux LED - solid state energy efficient lighting 
ReLux LED was launched in 2009 as the first Pacific Northwest firm to import LED light bulbs.  Since then we have serviced diverse clients, relighting corporate boardrooms, providing LED solutions for Sound Transit and several high end residential installations. 

Our principal mission is to aid clients in identifying project goals and then to provide an efficient and aesthetically pleasing lighting design that makes use of the most advanced and beneficial lighting systems for each and every lighting task needed in their home, or office.

We work with clients by first learning their goals for the project. Then we develop a lighting design that delivers quality light where needed and within budget limitations.  We also aid our clients in capturing rebates and tax incentives that may be in force in their community and from their local utility.  

If you are ready to learn all you need to move forward with an optimal new solid state lighting system, we will support from design through build, assisting in all phases of the project to ensure satisfaction.  

We can generate a lighting energy audit to aid your understanding of the cost efficiencies you will experience from switching to properly selected LED lighting products. The audit becomes the cornerstone of the rebate process as well, all of which gets you and your organization into solid state LED lighting at the best price possible. Please contact us to discuss your project.​

Why you should work with a lighting designer when you change from incandescent and fluorescent products to LED.

 As with all the light bulb technologies of the past, LED bulb products will need to satisfy scores of different lighting tasks.
That means an over-whelming amount of detail as there will be variations in color temperature (warm, natural, cool), electrical fittings (E26, MR12, GU11, etc), as well as beam cone (omni-directional bulbs, Par type lamps from Par 20 up to Par 38, beam angles from narrow to medium to wide) and other variations as well.  

Far too often in the growth of acceptance for this new entry in the field of lighting, there have been consumers purchasing product merely because it was on sale, not even knowing how to use the product correctly.  The fall-out was driven by their disappointment when perfectly good product was on a shelf across town but they didnt know their own technical criteria and how to discern and choose based on the labeling of the available products.

Now as LED is taking over as a leading choice for lighting in 2014 you are assured of better product choices, but still must be educated to select what you need.  That's where we come in. Working with  Relux LED you will have a lighting design expert guide your choices so there will be no wasted money on ill-suited product that simply wont perform the task you envision. Instead we will confirm the precise product needed and if you wish, assist in installation.
If that sounds like a direction you would like to take, let us know. You will utlimately get the right lighting
arrangement  that you deserve instead of spinning your wheels and wasting money. Its a simple process
and we are standing by ready to assist. Call at your soonest convenience.

When you are tired of the glare of your fluorescent lights, giving you a headache, making it difficult to read, unpleasant simply to be there, try nice warm LED Pars and other lamp types we offer. 
We can design a system thats right for your space. Pictured is the 8400 ASF Horse Arena project currently in progress, with before shot above and to the left, the all new LED lighting above to the right.  A proper design and LED bulbs Save you money and make your space look great!  
"The new lights transform the Arena for the better. Looking forward to more." 
M. Clarke
Newly installed Par38 LED downlight system
Out with the old.T12's
E27C Omni-Directional Bulb rated to replace up to 75 watt Incandescent.
Par30 B LED bulbs