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Photos- Art Installations & Theme Attractions
Oscillating Fields laser light project for Sound Transit and Seattle artist Dan Corson, winner of National Art Merit award 2009
The Lumenaria fountain designed and produced by Jeff Silverman for Laser Fantasy 1992-1998
Emerald Laser Lawn art installation created for Dan Corson and downtown Ft. Lauderdale arts commission. Winner of National Art Merit award.
Laser Auras, interactive projection, created for Dan Corson and Urban Arts of Memphis, 2008.
58 watt YAG laser installation 2008 at Hard Rock Park, the most powerful in the US that year. Produced by Renaissance Entertainment, directed by Amelia Gordon. Lasers set to the music of Queen "Bohemian Rhapsody", along with pyrotechnics, fountains, acrobatic kites and more.
Oscillating Fields, produced for Dan Corson & Sound Transit, Oct-Dec, '09.  National Art Merit Award winning project
Lumenaria Fountain & Light Show, conceived, designed & Executive Produced by Laser Fantasy team leader Jeff Silverman, 1992-1998, Las Vegas Hilton.
Emerald Laser Lawn, Huizenga Park, Downtown Ft. Lauderdale. Designed by Dan Corson. Winner of National Art Merit Award.  2006 - present. Laser system concept design and safety engineering by Jeff Silverman. Manufacturing and field engineering by Dave Haskell. Programming by Jay Heck.
Laser Auras for Memphis in May, 2008. Designed by Dan Corson, produced by Nth Degree Creative, featuring real-time laser dopplegangers interacting with pedestrians
58 watt LFI YAG laser choreographed beams with Bohemian Rhapsody soundtrack, pyrotechnics, fountains, acrobatic kites and more at the Hard Rock Park, Myrtle Beach SC 2008-2009. Show creative director Amelia Gordon and Jon  Binkowski of Renaissance Entertainment. Laser programming by Jay Heck. Laser system design and manufacture by the team at Nth Degree Creative, headed by Jeff Silverman, supported by Tyler LeDent and Chris Edrington and with YAG laser provided by Alex Hay and  LFI.

Following are examples of our work, often in tandem with other creative producers.We are frequently  challenged by others to aid in the pursuit of their vision and we have been blessed to have worked with many outstanding artists and designers. 

Of course we have had much success as designers ourselves and in the photo gallery here and elsewhere on this site you can see examples of the work, both from collaboration as well as designs we have authored. If you have questions or comments about what you see and wish to learn more, please let us know with an email and we shall follow up with you. 
Organic laser effect titled "Electric Smoke" by designer Jeff Silverman. Developed for Universal Studios Japan ET dark ride make-over in 2009
Titled  "Electric Smoke",   a derivation of a lovely old laser light show effect, but with  harmonically modulated colors and the magic of this very organic eff ect. This one developed for Universal Studios as signature theme in their new dark ride for USJ Osaka, Japan.