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Nth Degree Creative  - Special Effects Lighting for Festivals
Photo samples from recent festivals and night time spectaculars 
Blue Laser in the sky over Seattle during the SuperBowl
7,000 guests at amphitheater show in Oregon revel below while our lasers bounce from mirrors above
RGB LED uplighting defines the 7 Chakras gates for Entheon Temple at Burning Man 2007, by Lighting Director Jeff Silverman
Lasers for rock concert
Lighting and laser by Nth Degree Creative at the Summer Meltdown in Darrington WA
Mainstage lighting and laser effects by Jeff Silverman of Nth Degree Creative, at Mountain Stomp, Summer 2010
Celebrating the Seahawks NFL Superbowl victory with lasers from a sky-scraper tower in Seattle
River Awakening Festival with stage lighting by Nth Degree Creative
DOur 4th year performing laser effects at the mainstage for the String Cheese Incident, in the bowl at Hornings Hideout in front of 7,000 guests
Lighting the 7-Chakras Gate entry to the Entheon Temple at Burning Man, where Jeff Silverman was the acting LD for two extraordinary years, '06-'07
Mountain Stomp Festival, Prindel Creek Farm in Oregon, in front of close to 1,000 late night guests at the mainstage, where we provided all lighting and laser special effects and technical direction 2010 & 2011
Celebrating the opening of Summer Meltdown 2009 with the amazing Panda Conspiracy, a multicolor laser & a stage lighting kit
Lighting the stage performances at River Awakening, on the Curlew Stage, September 2012
DCelebrating the Seattle Seahawks win at the Superbowl, our lasers           
   partied  on the skyscraper above while 100,000 went crazy in the streets  
   22 floors below !
Lighting & Laser for the Led Zeppelin Experience 2012
Blue Laser dominates the night sky over the city 2013

Nth Degree Creative Lasers at Hornings Hideout Portland Oregon\
String Cheese Incident 2010 Mainstage laser effects support with 7,000 revelers in a scene brilliantly lit by Andy Carroll, LD.
Jeff Silverman lights up the scenic elements at CCF Mainstage, Tonasket, WA 2014
Lighting the mainstage at Conscious Culture festival, Tonasket, WA Summer of 2014
Nth Degree Creative Lasers at Hornings Hideout Portland Oregon\
Roger Fisher and band perform under the lighting with laser effects by Nth Degree Creative
Roger Fisher & Band per form onstage at Moonfest 2014, with Laser and special effects by Nth Degree Creative, lighting by True Tone.
Led Zeppelin Experience lit by Jeff Silverman at Run 21 2013, Tyghe Valley, Oregon.