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Welcome to the Nth Degree Creative blog.  This Blog will journalize our light show adventures so you can learn more about our latest effects systems, design projects and engineered solutions as we take on challenging new productions.  Often times the circumstances and our solutions are mind-blowing and worthy of some story telling.  So look for this Blog when you visit the site and be sure to comment when you see something that interests you.
Vaya con dios.
Jeff Silverman
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Summer of 2014.  

We recently lit the mainstage at the Conscious Culture Festival near Tonasket in eastern Washington (see note below). The music was great with reggae and dubstep being the main genre at play. 

Other recent activity includes The annual Red themed gay pride show in late June in Seattle at Neumos.  New projects include lighting and laser for a Pink Floyd tribute (Echoes) at select shows this year around Puget Sound and to provide lighting effects at another music festival on the peninsula in August.

We continue to support other production companies like True Tone, who cross rent our wonderful laser and lighting products and that helps keep us on our toes. 

​New projects include an installation of lighting and video systems for a church being transformed into a music recording and performance venue in Seattle.  

We are also busy doing solid state lighting projects in the Seattle area, upgrading to LED and in several cases providing new lighting designs and renovations for our clients, assisting them to move forward with LED lighting while rebates are being offered by the utilities.  To learn more, find the Relux LED tab, read about the process of solid state lighting renovation and let us know your comments and questions and if you are ready to live in the light of LED !

Stay tuned, more to follow soon!
Jeff Silverman

June 27, 2014: We travelled last week to Tonasket in the Okanogan Highlands of Eastern Washington to participate in an event there called the Conscious Culture Festival.  I acted as Festival LD and lit the mainstage which turned out really lush, thanks to the Saddle Span tent provided by the festival producer, as well as the positive air shapes that enlivened the stage with dimension, making lighting there even more joyous. We brought out our Clay Paky movers and color kinetics LED's to choreograph the music production by many artists, with great shows by Kabaka from Jamaica, as well as Indubious and Indigitize to name a few, all brilliantly performing Reggae in their unique way.

We also provided a full color laser for the DIGI Dome produced by Matt, also for DJ Sticky and Sick Donkey Records and his company Okanogan Highland Productions.   Beautiful scene, great music, awesome people... Jeff  
Conscious Culture Festival mainstage 2014
Late July we were tapped to support a major new art installation in Arizona. We will be designing the project for permanent installation by 2015. The full color laser display will be interactive, with design engineering ongoing.  More information will follow as we develop and build the systems and plan all the laser safety and show control integration.  
Everett Silvertips Hockey Home Opener effects with laser, cryo fog and LED's
June 2014. Once again we have been contracted by the Everett Silvertips Hockey Club to provide technical lighting support for their arena lighting installation, much of which we maintain for them and have installed.  We got systems online and happy for them just in time for their season opener.    
Aug. 25, 2014.  As summer ended we heated things up in August with a killer laser light show for Moonfest on the Peninsula, near Sequim, WA.  Working with Echoes, a Pink Floyd tribute, we achieved some impressive laser choreography and had a great time working with LD Jon Bauer.  Look for us to support more of Echoes productions.
Evo Floyd onstage with Nth Degree Creative lasers and lighting
Nov. 2014.  The Fall has seen some rewarding production work, with the Arena scale home openers for both the Seattle Thunderbirds and Everett Silvertips Hockey Clubs.  Featuring lasers, robotic movers, LED colorblasts and lots of fog, we energized the season openers and delivered great bang for buck and real WOW factor for a long time clients.  Also on tap was another wonderful show with pink Floyd tribute Echoes, this one at 7-Cedars Casino.  More dates with Echoes are coming on line for the Spring...stay tuned.
Dec. 23, 2014.
As the Holidays near, lets not forget you can have mass cool fog for your Winter theme parties. Nth Degree Creative has the Pacific Northwests' only true Cryo Fog system, the LF system by SFX.  Using Liquid Nitrogen mixed under pressure with steam, this is a bad-ass industrial strength low lying fog effect that surpasses anything else available.  Last winter we pulled this baby out for the Amazon Holiday party. In recent years we have chilled a few night clubs in Seattle, as well as Comcast arena for the Everett Silvertips.  Walking on clouds is definitely COOL.  

Enjoy the Holidays and be safe.

Intelligent lighting produced by Nth Degree Creative for the Seattle Thunderbirds home opener
Fall 2015 brought us right back to the Showare Center to perform the opener once again for the Thunderbirds Hockey Club. Our biggest splash ever for the team, we brought out 3 lasers and took control of the Alpha Spots we installed for the club in 2011 to compliment the other moving lights and LED fixtures we provided. Will post more photos soon. Joining us was John Bauer for lighting system programming and Doug Dunlap for technical support.  
3D scrim projection using our amazing 3D scrim and full color laser
Example of our 3D laser projection technique from a demo we performed in 2013. Looking forward to the next 3D project where glasses are not an option.