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Jeff Silverman has been Designing and Producing award winning Light Shows since 1980. A former founding principal at Laser Fantasy International. As Senior VP Projects at LFI, Jeff was the lead designer and executive in charge of hundreds of successful installation projects and thousands of shows seen by tens of millions.   

Jeff founded Nth Degree Creative in April 1998. Since then he has designed and produced spectacular laser light shows on Broadway ("Hot Feet The Musical"), helped win two National Art merit awards for renowned artist client Dan Corson, performed light shows at some of the largest gatherings in entertainment (Singapore National Day Parade 1998, Woodstock '99 mainstage finale, Millenium shows for Lionel Ritchie at the Mirage Resort LV, Silver Legacy Resort Reno & more).  

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Universal Studios Hollywood & Florida, The Las Vegas Hilton, The Hard Rock Park in Myrtle Beach SC and The Manitoba Planetarium in Winnipeg.

​In addition he has provided lighting & laser design for major Artists / Tours such as:
The String Cheese Incident, The Australian Pink Floyd Show - North American Tour, The Commodores R & B group and Woodstock '99.

He has also worked on numerous other prestigious theme park and attraction projects from Asia and Europe to North America.

Jeff Silverman
Managing Director,  LD & Laser Artist
About Nth Degree Creative Production & Design
Our founding principal began a 19 year career at Laser Fantasy in 1980 and in the three decades since has continued the pioneering tradition of the world’s most renowned laser display company. Our parent company, Nth Degree Creative LLC, is a leading CDRH compliant manufacturer of professional laser systems for the entertainment and display markets. 

Nth Degree Creative is based in Tacoma, Washington with a history of show production from  Broadway  in  New York  City  to  Ft.Lauderdale,     from   Los Angeles to Singapore,  from Kuala Lumpur to Manchester UK, from Beijing to San Francisco, Las Vegas, Reno, Portland, Vancouver and Seattle. 
We have a talented supporting cast of industry professionals who complete our team.  We strive to under-promise and always over-deliver, a strategy that allows us to achieve success even in the most demanding situations. We use a science based method in our study of each project, yet draw upon myriad of experiences to find the creative spark that brings satisfaction for the work we do.

We would be pleased to review your objectives for your next event and demonstrate how we may be of service in making your dream event a reality.
The Nth Degree Creative Team
Jeff is supported by a wonderful team of creative individuals, starting with life partner and accomplished designer, Sharlene Selg Ketrenos. She has worked in the arts as a designer and producer for many years.  

Her skill sets include scenic design, fashion arts, make-up artist and more. Her efforts are catalogued HERE.

In every facet of her life, Sharlene applies her design talents, best witnessed at her stunning home in the alpine wilderness of northeastern Washington, overlooking Curlew Lake. The home features a monumental scenic sky lovingly painted over many long sleepless nights, a brilliantly designed fire-pit she calls the Kiva, as well as her unique faux finishes that she hand sculpted on the walls of The Spirit of Curlew Lake, now a sought after vacation home. 
Sharlene provides our productions with insightful designs and concepts that transcend the every day.  Her photography captures the spirit and energy of our mindbending light shows and is featured with the work of others throughout our website.

Other support staff include Robert Peters, whose talent as a lighting director has made him sought after by many independent music groups in the Seattle area and beyond, including steam punk originals Abney Park. Rob brings real world practical know-how and compliments Jeff and our other team members.

Additional support for our productions comes from talented people with whom we have shared scores of projects, including Tyler LeDent, Alex Hay, Jay Heck,  Paul Torgeson, Tim Hallmark, John Borcherding and others, many of them with shared history dating back to our time at Laser Fantasy.

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